Month: March, 2009

No rest for the angry – A purpose driven rage Part 2

Admittedly it’s kind of an odd feeling when you realize that your life’s purpose is to be one of anger. Though it could be that this oddness comes with any realization of purpose and was not specifically tied into the path of rage. I mean it is possible that even if I had realized that […]

No rest for the angry – A purpose driven rage Part 1

So I have been in self reflection mode and less in the angry hippie mindset as of late, but I found that the angry hippie is never resting. That mental status can be activated with the mere mention of some choice phrases. For instance, I was having coffee the other day with my friend Stephanie […]

The Angry Hippie Introspective Retrospective!

The Angry Hippie Introspective Retrospective An episode with some insight into the angry hippie himself. With some extremely personal commentary and important announcements about 1 Million Mad. Hope it’s an enjoyable episode complete with outtakes from the episode that should have been lost to the world forever…dammit, why did I put those back in there? […]