Month: February, 2009

Ask Science Dude : Animal Testing

Ask Science Dude – Animal Testing. Sinead takes the gloves off and comes out swinging at the misinformation, with an honest discussion of Science’s use of animals in research from an abolitionist vegan perspective. And just because the episode is over, doesn’t mean that the discussion will end. If there are more questions that anyone […]

The Podcast : Episode 34 a/b

Episode 34 a/b : Current Events, Face Recognition Surveillance, President Obama. The show ran long and had to be divided up once again. You can listen to the show via the player to your right or click the links to download 34 and to download 34b. Please get involved in the 1 Million Mad March. […]

DJ Mydnyt – Angry Hippie Network Music Video

So this is the latest from WHATSABUDGET Films, DJ Mydnyt, and the Angry Hippie…okay, so I’m all three, but still. It’s a music video for the new podcast theme song (the extended version) created by DJ Mydnyt, and put together by WHATSABUDGET Films. Here it is in all it’s glory. I used, I mean DJ […]