Month: August, 2008

The Angry Hippie's Comics Come To A Close!

Well they say that all good things must end, and now that final bell tolls for the Angry Hippie’s Comics… Edition 1 that is. Edition 2 will be along sometime soon, but I felt that 15 volumes was good for round 1. The final two volumes are up and are dealing with Bush’s Handling of […]

5 Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle : YouTube Tag, I'm It!

So I’m not usually one for tagging and the like, but this came across my youtube account from Jodi, aka VeganHippieWitch, and I felt like it was worth some time. I can’t say that I didn’t over do it, but I gave it my most modest of efforts. Enjoy…

Can't See The Forest, Fuck The Trees!

“What we need to focus on is not seperation of church and state. What we need more than anything else is the seperation of private corporations and the government. This unholy union has taken the lives of millions upon millions of people just within the last couple of decades. Time for people to wake up […]

Celebrity State!

Okay, so I’m not a bandwagon kind of guy, and I certainly don’t want to associate myself in anyway with the distasteful likes of Rush Limbaugh, but then, who in their right mind would? And I don’t want to agree with McCain’s addle-brained perspective on things either, cause well, then I’m afraid I’d have to […]

The Angry Hippie's Comics Keep On Comin'…

What can I say, I’m a sucker for the sucker punch. And once again the Angry Hippie’s Comics comes out swinging and there’s no saved by the bell in this match. Volumes 12 and 13 are squaring off and taking aim on Oprah’s vegan fad and the puppets at Fox News, and they are linked […]

Obama Legislates Failure, McCain Just Exemplifies It!

So McCain has launched yet another attack on his rival in the presidential race, creating a talking point out of an asshat claim. McCain is stating that Obama’s opposition to the critically acclaimed, highly lauded surge in Iraq, not only shows poor leadership, but demonstrates his wanton disregard for our nation’s safety. Saying further that […]

The Angry Hippie's Comics Carry On…

Well the ridicule continues I’m afraid. Another dose of the Angry Hippie’s Comics is ready to peruse, amuse, and possibly insult (but it’s done with a smile). This is volume 10 and 11, and they are linked below. But you can also check out the rest of the Angry Hippie Comics on the comics page! […]

There Once Were…

There once were some people, From all cultures and classes, Who lived their lives surely, With their heads up their asses. Walking around listlessly So dazed and confused. Purposely scared and misled By the 10 o’clock news. Cowering all their days From so many different things Never realizing there were those Who were pulling their […]

The Podcast : Episode 26

Episode 26 : Current Events, Misogyny, Homosexuality. You can listen via the player to your right or click hereto download this episode. Please get involved in the 1 Million Mad March. For more to come, visit 1 Million Mad, see our site Check out the article Jodi sent.

Beware of the Borders

So after reading a particularly enraging and frightening article on Bob Torres’ blog, and not really seeing the story cropping up anywhere else, I thought I’d post about it here to offer another word of warning to some of the folks who may still have missed this story. Apparently, United States law enforcement have been […]