Month: December, 2007

There's a time…

There’s a place for the silent. There’s a time for concession. There’s a time to be violent, In the face of oppression. There’s a will to be staggered. There’s a time for the fall. There’s a time to stand up And to tear down this wall! Check the clock and take stock. Do you have […]

Why is it okay….?

So why is it okay for people to be misinformed? To bask in the bliss of their ignorance, willfully, purposefully, and maliciously? The truth’s not only out there, but it’s too inconvenient for anyone to want to give a fuck…(did you see what I did there with the whole truth thing? That’s right, I’m reclaiming […]

The Podcast : Episode 6

Episode 6 : Bashing Big Brother. You can listen via the player to your right or download this episode.

Keep your god's hands off my country!

I’ve read some scary, crazy ass Christian propaganda and incitement statements today that frightened me to my core. These are some really scary fuckers! I mean Jason and Freddy have nothing on these horrific hate-mongers. So I wanted to post some of these readily accessible quotes from our founding fathers, to further add fuel to […]

The Rhetoric's Repeating!

So national intelligence reports came in stating that Iran was no longer the nuclear threat that the Bush Administration has been insisting that they are. Saying that Iran had disabled it’s nuclear program in 2003. But did Dubya listen to those “intelligence” reports? Hell, no. And why should he? A man who has no intelligence, […]