The Podcast : Episode 86 – Suck My Ass SCOTUS

Episode 86 – Suck My Ass SCOTUS

In this very angry episode, Rob shoves off the mission for a calmer, less shouty road for the road previously taken. After calmly diving into a few topics shared in the feedback portion of the program, which covers sexism and veganism in a couple of ways, Rob begins unloading both barrels at recent SCOTUS decisions regarding buffer zones and freedom of speech, plus the violence they now attribute to protected speech, to the more pressing decision on Hobby Lobby and health insurance coverage of reproductive care needs for women and the inequality the misogynistic ruling acts to further. Rob also looks at the Facebook study that was recently published and the unethical, underhanded approach they took and lack of trust that makes emotional contagion a dangerous concept, all the while drawing parallels to other animals being used unwillingly as test subjects and how our outrage should really be focused on all animal testing, for human and non-human animals alike.

Episode 86

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SCOTUS doesn’t like buffer zones (except the one around them)

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz decries impact of Hobby Lobby decision on birth control

John Oliver takes on Hobby Lobby: “Gov’t is not an a la carte system”

The 8 Best Lines From Ginsburg’s Dissent on the Hobby Lobby Contraception Decision

Facebook’s Unethical Experiment

The Podcast : Episode 85 – Male Aggression

Episode 85 – Male Aggression

In this episode, Rob discusses a story sent in via Species Barrier Podcast host Ruth that deals with the unending economic growth we pursue without conscience or understanding the truth of its unsustainable nature. Then the show focuses somewhat strictly on male aggression and male acts of violence, especially those which target women. Covering the recent tragedy in California, Rob looks at the motives behind Elliot Rodgers killing spree and places part of the blame on the misogynistic socialization of males to perform this violent masculinity we are taught makes us real men. The show also discusses slightly how mental health often becomes the scapegoat in these instances only making the situation that much worse. There is a trigger warning for episode of the program that deals with violence directed at women, rape culture, and the male entitlement to women’s bodies. Opening song: Consolidated’s “Typical Male”

Episode 85

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Watch Documentary GrowthBusters Online

If We Can’t Change Our Economic System Our Number’s Up

Story of the killing spree near UC Santa Barbara

The Podcast : Episode 84 – Bullies With Guns

Episode 84 – Bullies With Guns

In this episode, Rob touches on climate change again in discussing the flooding in the Balkans, along with some feedback and podcast recommendations before getting to some current events. First up, Rob looks at Macklemore and his problematic racist actions and the awareness he claims that make his actions that much worse, and the California Dietetic Association’s conference sponsored by and promoting junk and fast food companies and products. The show switches gears then to cover the male bullies with guns who are using threats of violence to silence women speaking out for gun control. There is a trigger warning for portions of this program that deal with violence directed at women and threats of sexual violence used as a silencer.

Episode 84

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Macklemore Dresses up as Offensive Jewish Caricature at Secret Rally, I Mean, Concert

Take a Trip to the McDonalds Sponsored Nutritionist Conference

Bullies with Guns Silencing Women on Issues of Gun Control

Tell the FCC to Protect the Open Internet

The Podcast : Episode 83 – Socializing Gender Limits

Episode 83 – Socializing Gender Limits

In this episode, Rob shares a little feedback that touches on celebrity obsession before focusing on climate change and the selfish lack of compassion behind those who would us not act now. Rob then shifts gears and talks about lying and coercion from anti-choice activists, meeting said aggression with violence, Holocaust appropriation in civil change movements, bell hooks takes on liberal feminism and beauty standards and patriarchal rape culture’s treatment of women of color and Beyonce, language matters, and socializing limitations for boys and girls, the power of stereotypes and more. There is a trigger warning for portions of this program that deal with rape.

Episode 83

Links from the Show

Climate Change resource from Marcus

bell hooks Will Save Us All From the Long Slow Death that is Popular Feminism

Beyonce is a Terrorist According to bell hooks

What bell hooks Really Means When She Calls Beyoncé a ‘Terrorist’

GNP – How to Avoid Implicit Sexism

The Podcast : Episode 82 – Connecting the Dots

Episode 82 – Connecting the Dots

In this new episode, Rob takes a look at some feedback which takes the discussion to one of speciesism and touches on Carol Adams absent referent before moving onto connecting the dots on the mindsets of oppression driving the matrix of domination. With some current events covered too, the show brushes over religious freedom, buffer zones, free speech, Arizona Russia and anti LGBTQ legislation, and even takes a bite out of celebrity culture.

Episode 82

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12 Horror Stories Show Why Wednesday’s Big Supreme Court Abortion Case Matters

The Guy Who Wants to Sell Lab-Grown Salami Made of Kanye West Is “100% Serious”

Russian Anti-Gay Law Response PDF

The Podcast : Episode 81 – Social Construction of Whiteness

Episode 81 – Social Construction of Whiteness

In this new episode of the podcast, Rob re-addresses and dissects the issue of consent a little more, looking at it via two lenses: individual and institutional. Then he shares an essay from Martha R. Mahoney, The Social Construction of Whiteness, along with some accompanying thoughts on the issue at hand. Featuring music from the Auckland Law Revue Girls! **Trigger Warning for the opening talk on consent and rape culture**

Episode 81

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Progressive Podcast Australia Ep. 44 Rethinking Porn and Sex Work – A Happy Ending to the Year

Auckland Law Revue Girls – Defined Lines (Blurred Lines Feminist Parody)

Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person

The Day We Fight Back! – Feb 11th we take on online surveillance!

The Podcast : Episode 80 – Confronting Rape Culture

Episode 80 – Confronting Rape Culture

In this new episode, Rob confronts rape culture head on dissecting the patriarchy’s role in the sexualization of the female body and in creating the male sense of entitlement to women’s bodies that leads to this violently aggressive sexualized act of dominance and power assertion. With a writing from Rob’s semester in WEST on how so many victims of rape are silenced by this culture, to the discussion of how we need to have more conversations about consent and sexual entitlement with men and boys to further confront rape culture this is a powerful, if not potentially triggering show.

Episode 80

The Podcast : Episode 79 – Privilege Pt 2 – The White Patriarchy

Episode 79 – Privilege Pt. 2 : The White Patriarchy

In this all new episode, Rob takes a look at the two most dominant categories in the privileged pyramid of oppressors, white folks and dude folks. With a look at the dominance sought through the perverse rape culture we are faced with, to the examination of privilege denial via the individual versus institutional contexts used to dismiss these wide reaching systems of oppression this new episode looks hard at white and male privilege in our society. With the help of an excerpt from Peggy McIntosh that breaks down white privilege in simple, hard to argue with terms. With slam poetry from Javon Johnson and a new DJ Mydnyt track, White Folks (White Santa’s War on Christmas) this episode promises to be evocative and entertaining! …the showrunners make no such promises.

Episode 79

Stats I misquoted in the episode (it’s actually much worse than I stated)

“Women aged 15-44 are more likely to be maimed or die from male violence than cancer, traffic accidents, and war combined.”

~Feminist talk at Students For Liberty’s 2013 Austin Regional Conference

Links Promised in the Podcast

I Got Myself Arrested So I Could Look Inside the Justice System

The Podcast: 7th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

7th Annual Vegan Helliday Special : Winter of Malcontents!

Rob is ringing in the helliday season with an all new Helliday Special focusing on expanding people’s understanding of veganism and how it is much more than a diet, which will simultaneously hopefully help us convey to family and friends that gift-giving to vegans means making the same purchasing considerations we would. We also talk about the consumerism that is still poisoning the hellidays and lengthening the time consumers have to play into the corporate sponsored madness of the season, while we also take on the violence and aggression the supposed war on Christmas has spawned this season. Featuring the new poem, Grandma got suckerpunched by a Christian.

The 7th Annual Vegan Helliday Special

The Podcast : Episode 78 – The Water

Episode 78 – The Water

In this all new episode, Rob discusses socialization and the silence it lures us into that we need to break. With discussions of veganism and the socialization of meat in our culture, to the environmental issues tied to factory farming and our meat heavy diets. Also with talk of our societal conditioning with regards to victim blaming, before focusing on the systems at the heart of all the socialization poisoning our society.

Episode 78

Links Promised in the Podcast

The Knockout Game Myth and Its Racist Roots